Payments can be mailed to: 

Duplain Township

PO Box 71

Elsie, MI 48831

Duplain Township current taxes can be found on the BS&A website HERE

Duplain Township
145 W Main St.
Elsie, MI 48831

Elected Officers

Tax Payments

Board of REview

For Burn Permits Please Contact
Elsie Village Hall Monday- Friday From 8-5pm
Weekend Permits Contact:
Chief Ormes 989-666-1404

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Supervisor - Bruce Levey

Clerk -Dawn Levey


Treasurer - Amy Bowen

Trustee - Ryan Boots

Trustee - Robert Ladiski

Assessor -
Dr. Mark W Holley Ph.D, B.G.S., CREA, CRA, IFA, FSA Scot, MCAT, MCAO

Clerk’s Office Hours for the May 7, 2024 Election
Saturday, May 4, 2024            8a-Noon
Sunday, May 5, 2024            1p-5p
Tuesday, May 7, 2024            7a-8p

There will be breaks during the day, May 7 is the St. John’s School Election
A reminder to Duplain Township residents  who live in the St. Johns Public School District, the polling location for the May 7, 2024 school bond election is the

Greenbush Township Hall located at 1883 E. French Rd, St. Johns.  Duplain Township consolidated with Greenbush for this election ONLY.

If you have questions please call Dawn Levey, Duplain township clerk, 517-927-6258.


Duplain Township Hall

145 W Main St.

Elsie, MI 48831.

Elsie Grist Mill Dam Bridge - photographed by Richard Bates


Duplain Township officials are encouraging residents to send a letter requesting support and assistance for the Elsie Dam. 

Addresses are: LINK

Sample letter here: LINK